Hye, Hye, Hey there ! Introducing myself again, I’m Liyana. ‘the little girl’


I’ve the feeling of hunger to write something when I stay a distance from the laptop, and only can write when the surrounding in peace and no distraction, only me and my WordPress connecting the ideas in the lonely night without any humans or even insects interrupt our lines. “If vice versa, what’ll happened?” asked the readers. emmm.. , i lost my concentration in writing lah and can’t continue for the whole day, meaning that I’ll start writing on the next day. can you see how hard it is for me? not like other famous writers, they go outside, hanging around at the cafe to find inspiration to write something while sipping their rich and smooth coffees that just has been brewed,crossing their legs, resting their arms and enjoy the views without no talks But the difficulties bring victory, isn’t ? so, no worries.

“Eww, little girl? why, little girl? you’ve grown up so well and yet you still called yourself little bla bla bla.. i don’t care but it just so ewww” said anonymous while reads the profile of myself. Yes, I’m 18th on this year and illegal according to the laws. Yup, I’ve grown up so well, thanks to my parents. Yeah,  I addressed myself as little girl, why?? = my unprepared mentality (I’M NOT READY TO BE AN ADULT) . wait ! i don’t have identity disorder, okay? don’t ever dare to declare I’ve that kind of disease or I’ll choked you to death! *not for real* no no no.. I’m not gonna doing that for real, trust me! It’s just a joke, I’m not throwing myself into the bars! Heh. Continue reading



yeehaa! liyana is back! i’m back,everyone!


why should liyana writes about time? she never on time! she always running out of time! she never used the free time wisely! why should she writes about this topic?! *whispered to myself*

the readers may know me as disciplined prefect ever in school, but some of the time i lost to it. As i grows, the family looks healthier, they look even taller, and getting older than i glanced before. How could i miss all this precious things?! . getting furious and frustrated knowing all these facts.

even i, myself wish could have a time capsule like all the dramas did but me is just me,liyana. an ordinary person as you can see. yet old times are still my fav.

“quality times breaks the distance” – little girl 

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how should i start?

based on the tittle, yeah you can see me writing this without any ideas


i should try my best

all of sudden, liyana writes

can you imagine? I never read and like books, i used to hate them and had no intention to go far into it. and here i am, reading books while I’m on my way to the workplace, reading the back cover to make sure the book will be an interesting story to be my routine-companion.

the first book i bought by myself ,using my own money, was ‘Norwegian Wood’ by Haruki Murakami. I bought because i saw a guy, but not too dark, perfect height measurement with a such nice decent smile at my workplace reads it. and i guess he also just started to read the book as i see his bookmark perfectly secured the few of front pages, as my turn to read the book, it kind of giving me an impact maybe because i read some parts while its raining heavily outside or because i read when the space is dead silent, idk. the feelings are terrific and kind of new experience to me.

i went to BORDERS most of my free times, checkout all the fiction books, the smells! never disappointed me. i read books of mine at the place where i usually sit quietly without no one around me. peaceful !

if i knew, i could read books and like them, im sure will read it before my exam to ‘elaborate’ my essays.

well never too late to learn something new, yeah?
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