Hye, hey, hello and Salam to all

Name given Nurliyana , call me liyana sho cute or you can longer the name. I’ll love you ♥ (make it beautiful,pls)

I’m born in PPUM,KL, Malaysia on the 16 December 1999, around 6 am

I love plain and simplicity

My parents are wonderful, siblings are annoying yet so cool, family? I have such a nice family.

I do love travelling, but i would love if i can use my own money instead of my parents’ money. so maybe soon in the year i become more illegal to the country laws.

I’m filling my free time for this blog. ‘THE LITTLE GIRL’ is me, Liyana. will post up my journey-stories from time to time. somehow this site is kind of getting me addicted in writing. how can??! *feeling excited*

I’m not working, still a student waiting for her offer to futher the studies. I am not so good in english but still in the process of improving by readings. I wish could return back and have a quality time with the books (lack of readings). NEVER TOO LATE, dear readers!

Hope: I’ll have awesome readers to read my one of kind journey diary


Have a nice day, everyone!

Sekian, Terima Kasih