In this dark room, me on the bed thinking of how and where to start.

First post in the year of 2018, after a month of this girl have been truly grown up. ssshh she’s eighteen by now.  If my friends did read my whole journey back then till now, bet they’re laughing like hella crazy right now.

’17 was great, it really was even I had to lose someone that I cherished for everyday. Miss his smile, the way he called me, and all the things he did. The real defender, grandpa. I hope you’re happy now without any pain.

I spend my new year with family on my side. The resolutions for ’18 aren’t clear enough for me, frankly speaking still unsure yet until this date and this hour. So literally no goals yet to set and will try my best to put one.

But this one person really iz something. Looking from the back, the figure was almost perfect. The eyes gives the perfect gaze, speaks to the smoothest tone i’ve ever heard which make me calm. The concerns that has been showed all the while is just too cute to handle. Done describe.

I couldn’t ask more, I’m surrounded by good people and friends. With the bickering and love we shared together, I put all of my feelings for them. I really wanted to show gratitude to them but others would jump into nonsense conclusions. which I don’t prefer it to happen.

Calmly, I’m done writing at least my first post of the year. Yesh !






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