it’s finally semester break. gosh I’m happy, really. an end of goblin for me since I just had the chance to follow the leads. Strange feelings. I save the best for the last. After those episodes, I tend to develop a new personality and this drives me crazy. I’m the goblin’s bride the first and last “BEAUTIFUL BY CRUSH SOUNDTRACK ENTERED” or perhaps I’ll just be Gong Yoo’s bride. 

Anyway, GOBLIN itself a worldwide drama by now. I can concluded the best one after all dramas I’ve watched. The fantasy is still living in my head that could lead to beautiful winter dreams with him by your side, grants the wishes without doubts, happy life, warm hugs and travel to Canada when you feels like. “Sighs”

If someone says you can’t, please don’t give up but show them you can because you’re the best of knowing your own abilities.

Thru this interim semester, I did learn a lot, how this life works. I love it, every second of it. New things, environment. Seeing everyone hardship pays off, dealing their problem by own hands, well-organized steps that they take. even just to eat. Life is that great.

A long journey to go, exciting ones.

Protect your mind, as well as your heart, they’re too precious to be waste.

Good things come late, through the light or dark, even through the rain.

“Your choice is the only answer in life: – Goblin

Find one that’ll say to you. “every moment with you,shined”canada let’s go!

Till next time.

Yours truly,



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