Me wants you

Thanks to Sam Claflin, now I’m wild awake here. Me before you did my eyes swollen definitely like the pandas. Nisa provided us some tissues, and the good news is IT’S SOAKED with tears I wiped.

Was I crying because I do realize how lonely my life is or the story is just too good to not to cry? Well, both I guess. Night getting darker, now its 2 am in the morning. I should get my beauty sleep or else people will badly laughs at me.

But, I’m still here, writing stuffs and worrying about the upcoming exams. As I can see now, housemates gathers in not too spacious room of mine doing their assignments and revision. Um. They’ll dozed off soon.

About the me before you, I’ll rated it 8/10. No happy ending but not cliché so yeah! I’m sure soon I’ll grab this book out of the stores and read them. Still sobbing, laughs at myself. Soft-hearted. Share your thoughts too. How would you compare the book fantasy and the realistic movie ?

Usually, the books will never lose. But will cikedaut soon and share em’ with my fellow readers. Don’t you think love is a repay of sacrifices you’ve done ? Look at the dimple and the mesmerizing smile, my heart melts. The love story is just perfect. But he shouldn’t die. Hahaahaha



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