Ola! Bonjour! Hello!

The clouds turn to be dark. I’m on the bed, waiting the clock strikes two for my next class. I can’t imagine how my curricular activities will be this evening as I’m bloody exhausted. No marching, please. (Rains please pour yourself out)

It has been a long time since my last post about late grandpa. I’m busy with new routines. Time is so jealous of me. Entering the university of life isn’t a bad idea after all. You’ll see how this world works. Different backgrounds and races lead to a beautiful friendship. University is the place where you depending on yourself. You do it on your own. Come here and test yourself. I’m still here, challenging myself.

The wind blowing my eyes, and its getting closed. Darn it!

I can’t hold it anymore!

I’m sleepy.



Will cikedaut later,wait four me yaaa!






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