This one particular night where I’m bloody tired from doing my part-time job and just wanted to take a quiet gentle rest time.

I dropped everything I had on me. Turned on the ceiling fan to the max speed and found myself curled up on the bed. Pink phone of mine on one hand, checking on my instagram. I guessed people updated their current night activities since tomorrow is a public holiday.

Both legs under the grey duvet. Reading all the DMs before the night gets colder and deeper. The bright screen hurts my eyes as I scrolled it down. Spotted the guy, Mike (not a real name and not Dr. Mike,the russian guy) as my thumb stopped to rest.

My heart beats so fast like the drums. Stuck In between to go through into it and read or maybe just not to. I read the part when we had our discussion how the relationship came to an end. We just laughed.

1 year ago, It was Raya

The time suddenly stop and I can’t breathe. I’m gasping for air and my chest hurts when he uttered the word”I don’t care anymore,goodbye”.It still vivid. The world just snapped. My cheeks aren’t wet but heart cries. Everything turns dark. I let the feelings go into the sea, let the waves bring it far away. Mike is a good guy, ambitious and brave but that’s happened too sudden without I noticed, he was bored with my simplicity.

After months, I feel lighter, no burden. Focused on my host-scripts, exams and some programs. Feels close to the family, surrounded by supportive friends “Datins Vogue”  and received lots of achievements I never imagined. Life has been great after that.

And now, Mike suddenly appears, sorry for the mistakes and wish could turn back to the time we’re blissfully happy. I couldn’t help myself from feeling angry. I send a screenshot of Dr. Beni’s quote, he regrets and “there’s no US anymore”.


We’re still friends but not too friends, we’re good 🙂

Life has to move on. Cherish yourself with positive vibes. Mike was a temporary but the memories are permanent. Goodbye Mike, I’m here to say Hello ! . Hope you’re in the best of health. Thank you for being an inspiration for me to write about.

Much Love,


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