Mental game

I leaning on my fav armchair at the balcony, while sipping smooth latte and holding one of MTI book by one hand like the pros. Enjoying the view of the crystal blue ocean, sound of waves and the shining smile sun behind the clouds. No distraction. Flashing back all the good memories, the achievements and the great people surrounding me. This Victorian house I owned, I bought in cash. Audi TT RS in nano grey parked nicely at the courtyard waiting for me to roar the car’s engine.

so let’s put a stop on this imagination, I’m going too far and exaggerating into this dream world 😉

I’m fasting these weeks and tired at certain moment, my mind couldn’t realease its own fresh and original ideas so writing is out of the league but I tried at least one line each day so here it is.

Back from Johor Bahru, Malaysia, joined the celebration for uncle’s convo ceremony. The “further studies” issue is still on the greatest hits. Pressures and the forces kind of discouraging me from achieve my dreams. Texted my bestfriend, Arisha to pour out the mixed feelings. The beautiful words from her made me strong as I’m now, and stands firm with my own decision. Also tried to explain clearly about my choice to the people. Never judge people’s choice because they know their own limits. Thanks to her, I’m more calm now.

Tiring weeks to be concluded, made my own bread pudding version. In Malaysia, bread pudding itself served with custard sauce. I’m not good at making the sauce and I’ve never tried but soon in next baking round. I did bread pudding so many times before and none of them seems turn to be good and delicious, always lacking taste. So, this time I decided to change the way of bake it. And walla-wow it is so freaking delicious even just measured the ingredients by my instincts. Don’t ask me the recipe. Idk

Never give up guys, open your eyes, wipe your hands off and do it again and SOON the results will be good.

Stands firm on your decision, let the people talking, you’ve lot of things to be done and show to them the achievements.

Yes, I’m talking about the studies and the bread pudding but the both conclusions are connected in our lives. If you never give up,stands firm and ignore the negativity, the _____ will be great (fill in the blank) .

Hands off from the keyboard, thank you dear readers from any states. Hope to share a lot with you guys next time, don’t give a big applause for this article but I’ll be more appreciated if you kindly follow this blog and be part of my journey. 😉

That’s all for now.

Much LOVE :*

Yours truly fav little girl,





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