Hye, Hye, Hey there ! Introducing myself again, I’m Liyana. ‘the little girl’


I’ve the feeling of hunger to write something when I stay a distance from the laptop, and only can write when the surrounding in peace and no distraction, only me and my WordPress connecting the ideas in the lonely night without any humans or even insects interrupt our lines. “If vice versa, what’ll happened?” asked the readers. emmm.. , i lost my concentration in writing lah and can’t continue for the whole day, meaning that I’ll start writing on the next day. can you see how hard it is for me? not like other famous writers, they go outside, hanging around at the cafe to find inspiration to write something while sipping their rich and smooth coffees that just has been brewed,crossing their legs, resting their arms and enjoy the views without no talks But the difficulties bring victory, isn’t ? so, no worries.

“Eww, little girl? why, little girl? you’ve grown up so well and yet you still called yourself little bla bla bla.. i don’t care but it just so ewww” said anonymous while reads the profile of myself. Yes, I’m 18th on this year and illegal according to the laws. Yup, I’ve grown up so well, thanks to my parents. Yeah,  I addressed myself as little girl, why?? = my unprepared mentality (I’M NOT READY TO BE AN ADULT) . wait ! i don’t have identity disorder, okay? don’t ever dare to declare I’ve that kind of disease or I’ll choked you to death! *not for real* no no no.. I’m not gonna doing that for real, trust me! It’s just a joke, I’m not throwing myself into the bars! Heh.

An adult’s life not bad (I guessed). You’ll standing high achieve your dreams with your own two feet and not depending to others especially your parents. You’ll choose your own path of how you wanted to be, with whom you’ll going to marry, place you wanted to live? (Maldives? France? Italy? Australia? or Malaysia?) and how to spend and add up the savings wisely? (the hardest part,right?) well, that’s all depends on yourself, if you wanted to be a professional accountant in masters then, study hard than before, if you wanted to live in a nice place, then work hard for it, if you finished the savings, then find a job in between to add up the numbers in the bank account so you won’t cry when you see the amount balance at the ATM’s screen. No excuses, guys ! It’s time to strive for good life and live the life with a lovely smile on the lips. Don’t ever dare to burden your parents, enough of it, do it on your own this time!

“High risks, High returns” – Chief Kim / Good Manager

Something to share with you guys, it’s okay to be the always little girl for your parents because it is cute but try not to put the burden to your parents. earn your own money so that you can pay your own revision books or much better 40 to 50% of your study fees. Help to less the burden! They’ve lot to be paid, bills, your younger siblings school fees, foods, and  need to complete the list to-buy at the stores so the family won’t be starving. What you can do? work as part-timer around the place you further your studies or you can do your own online business.

How far I run in 30 minutes, I’ll be a true adult too. It’s all depends on how you managed choices in life *note to self* I’m leading myself to be independent and disciplined person,better than before even I’ll still holding ice-cream with sugar cone while watching mr. bean and barney and friends on the tv,need to be fed by my handsome father just to eat, continue saying “goodnight mom, I love you” before sleep everyday and the best part is sulking when ever i can’t get something. No worries, I’m improving myself time to time.

Known as disciplined and firm prefect at school yet funny and cute (HAHAAHAHA) but well-known as the most fragile and childish in the family 😉 Nah, not again! I don’t have identity disorder lah.

So, I would like to thanks the readers for supporting my journey, I’m so moved. Kindly leave some replies to share your thoughts or to improve any of my mistakes. Follow this WordPress of mine or my social medias to know more updates.

Much LOVE,

Your fav little girl,



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