yeehaa! liyana is back! i’m back,everyone!


why should liyana writes about time? she never on time! she always running out of time! she never used the free time wisely! why should she writes about this topic?! *whispered to myself*

the readers may know me as disciplined prefect ever in school, but some of the time i lost to it. As i grows, the family looks healthier, they look even taller, and getting older than i glanced before. How could i miss all this precious things?! . getting furious and frustrated knowing all these facts.

even i, myself wish could have a time capsule like all the dramas did but me is just me,liyana. an ordinary person as you can see. yet old times are still my fav.

“quality times breaks the distance” – little girl 

true isn’t it? so the biggest ‘Y’ i resigned is because i wanted to spare all my time with the family. i might not be able to see them often than i usual after this. i am still daddy and mom’s little girl , i sulked when i can’t get my food and i cried when they remark me. my seniors did tell me it will be alright to be away from them for a while during your studies but i keep questioning myself “will it be really okay for me?”, “will i cry often?”, “will i stay and keep calm?” . damn! i could not imagine how my life will be. maybe i’ll cry when the night comes, head on the pillow, lights off, turn my eyes direction oppose the roommates  and cries till the sun arise. yea yea yea i might do that in the first month.

enuf of the saying, i’m writing this when i put my baby brother to sleep, make sure he do some studying and eat before sleep. when the twin sisters are back from school, they look so happy as they own the world (lot of stories to be shared, i guessed). my little brother has grown up too, the one and only good in sports in our family, (he did look handsome when he ran for 100metres), as you can see time makes lot of changes and managed everything so well.

get my point, huh?

it’s time to wake up guys, watch all of your surroundings time by time. you might not want to miss anything. care the time, care the loved ones. no regrets pls!

start from now! do your best ! Allah will helps you for your beautiful intentions, don’t you ever worry ♥

thank you for the support from the previous post and the comments are beautiful. do support me in my kind of diary-journey

Much love.

yours little girl,




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