how should i start?

based on the tittle, yeah you can see me writing this without any ideas


i should try my best

all of sudden, liyana writes

can you imagine? I never read and like books, i used to hate them and had no intention to go far into it. and here i am, reading books while I’m on my way to the workplace, reading the back cover to make sure the book will be an interesting story to be my routine-companion.

the first book i bought by myself ,using my own money, was ‘Norwegian Wood’ by Haruki Murakami. I bought because i saw a guy, but not too dark, perfect height measurement with a such nice decent smile at my workplace reads it. and i guess he also just started to read the book as i see his bookmark perfectly secured the few of front pages, as my turn to read the book, it kind of giving me an impact maybe because i read some parts while its raining heavily outside or because i read when the space is dead silent, idk. the feelings are terrific and kind of new experience to me.

i went to BORDERS most of my free times, checkout all the fiction books, the smells! never disappointed me. i read books of mine at the place where i usually sit quietly without no one around me. peaceful !

if i knew, i could read books and like them, im sure will read it before my exam to ‘elaborate’ my essays.

well never too late to learn something new, yeah?
this wordpress is only intermediary of me and my past and recent

so today, just hand in notice to my manager about my resignation as a part-timer in one of the famous f&b (food & beverages).  LAST DAY! cool isn’t it? yeah! i don’t have to wait for the bus, no need reload my touch n go to take mrt towards mutiara damansara for about 10 minutes-journey, and there’s no need to clock in and clock out anymore

time to have my own relax session with bed, books, food, and flashed memories. i’ve tired dealing with people, kinds of people created, lot of differences. well some can be tolerated but not others. that’s how you should learn your kind of world you stayed. i’m blessed to have my family around me, never a while stop from supporting their little daughter gaining new experiences in her life, a new level for her to step on!

time now almost reach 12 am, time to hands off,

i will talk about my workplace later on and also my past stories onward might be your names will appears here too ..

so stay tuned! i might have so many free time now. will update as frequently as i could

thanks for reading my very first not so intro for my journey wordpress!!

kindly leave some replies for me to improve my weakness 🙂

Much LOVE,

yours fav little girl,



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